MAWAQIT tablet (pre-order)

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MAWAQIT is a non-profit association. By purchasing this tablet, you are supporting the association in order to perpetuate the project.

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Explore a new way of displaying prayer times on a touch-sensitive tablet.

On a piece of furniture in your living room or on a wall in your kitchen, you can consult the prayer times at any time.

This tablet is also intended for imams who want to have a visual of the times in the maqsora.

  • Visual and audible Adhan signal
  • Visual and audible signal of your mosque’s iqama
  • Countdown to adhan and iqama, don’t miss jama3a in your mosque!
  • Prophetic words
  • Adhkar after salat
  • Display text messages, photos or videos, for your children and guests, or simply reminders for yourself
  • Many other features
  • Coming soon! listen to the koran, program a reading, learn and memorize
  • Finally, the tablet also lets you install any Android application and enjoy multiple services such as Youtube, Whatsapp…etc.

Technical details

  • 10.1 or 15-inch capacitive touch screen
  • RK3566 processor
  • 2/4 GB memory
  • Internal storage 16/32 GB
  • Android 11.0
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, RJ45, 3 usb, memory card


This is a pre-order sale, and we intend to launch this new product depending on the number of orders received.

Your order will be delivered within 2 to 3 months, only if we reach more than 30 orders, otherwise you will be refunded.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

10.1", 15.6"